Why is Parental Favouritism Such An Issue?

There seems to be a common problem amongst parents, including mine: they tend to play favourites.

It’s not unusual in my house for my parents to deal with a situation by the way of deciding which child they happen to like more. Take, for example, an incident which took place only this morning: my brother damaged the HDMI cable for one of our consoles because he wasn’t being careful as he was putting it away, and my mother took his side when we got into an argument about it, explaining that it was my fault for wanting to move the console in the first place, as well as “always” expecting my brother to do this one task for me.

This kind of thing doesn’t happen in only my house. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences, or at least have heard stories like this.

It’s strange. Why are parents, of all people, playing favourites? They are the ones we rely on the most. They are meant to love all of us equally.

Well, I think I have finally cracked this case, my friends. You might need to sit down for this one. As it turns out, the reason why our parents so often deal us bad cards in favour of our bratty brothers and sisters… is because our parents are humans, and therefore have so many flaws that you’d die before you could finish counting all of them. Furthermore, they, in their positions of power over naive children desperately reliant on them, feel no obligation to try and improve themselves. They are the parents, and always have the final word. To expect anything better of them would surely be disrespectful.

I’m feeling quite bitter right now.