Versatile Blogger Award

Back from the dead briefly. Was tagged by Anna.

Right, so here are seven random facts about my beautiful self.

  1. I am obsessed with Orihara Izaya, and pimping him out to absolutely any character that exists. This includes animals and tentacle monsters.
  2. I still haven’t managed to listen to the entirety of Kotonoha no Hana (NSFW) without having to close the tab out of embarrassment/arousal/shame.
  3. I can’t actually draw in manga style properly anymore.
  4. I wouldn’t be able to stay in a stable relationship with anybody, and I don’t want kids, biological or adopted.
  5. That being said, eyes off my husbando, Zack Fair, and my waifu, Aqua.
  6. My Tumblr exists solely to keep all my favourite Animal Crossing: New Leaf stuff and porn in one place.
  7. I have a fetish for attractive voices, as well as a fetish for beautiful boys and handsome girls doing this.

I tag anybody who knows what my OTP is.


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