Certain Things You Might Want To Know.

  1. It’s summer. I am free until September. All my exams, homework and the majority of my responsibilities have been flushed down the toilet with exaggerated excitement.
  2. That doesn’t mean my summer won’t be somewhat eventful, though. I’m currently working on Big Things, each of which I’m actually quite passionate about. In other words, if I were you, I would expect totally pointless posts about said Big Things that don’t add anything to the general conversation in any way whatsoever.
  3. This blog has effectively been reborn. Every post before this one is gone. If that’s inconvenienced you in anyway, I’m really sorry, but I just… felt like I needed a fresh start after such stressful past months.
  4. This blog is still a writing blog. Writing is the one thing that I’ve kept being passionate about throughout my life, and I don’t plan on ever abandoning it. I’ll still be posting short stories, poems, stuff like that. That being said, you should know that both my style of writing and ideas have gotten a lot darker than they were before.
  5. I’m sorry for being away for so long. And… I’m really happy to be back.

I should probably go to sleep now. See you in a few hours.




36 thoughts on “Certain Things You Might Want To Know.

    Glad you’re back! Meanwhile I’ll have to be gone for about the same amount of time because I’m just starting school as some people are just starting summer break.
    I love your poems and short stories. They comfort my eyes and cleanse the inner parts of my soul.

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    1. ayyy thanks my pal. I’m glad to be back too. And shucks, you don’t have to say that. I write to enjoy myself, but if my writing somehow makes other people feel good, I guess I feel just a little more motivated 🙂

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      1. I’d also like to say that “Idle Thoughts” is much less cliche than “The Written Word,” and is more catchy.
        Also the new background theme is beautiful, but how is your header changing every time I refresh? Does the customize thing randomize between the headers you choose and how do you do that?


      2. I agree, haha. That’s why I changed my blog’s name; I really like how it is now.

        I just made a set of different headers, uploaded them, and then chose “randomise between uploaded headers” – I’m too lazy and uncreative to make a header that actually looks good all the time so I made a bunch of different ones featuring pretty 2D men (and one girl) instead :^)

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      3. Oh okay. 😛
        So now every time I go on your blog I’ll refresh ’til the girl is the header, thank me for the extra view stats in advance.


      4. is she the one with the mask, flowers, and bells or the one with the blue eyes and hair?
        idk all of them look like masculine or feminine dudes


  2. I missed your ceremonious applicability of inordinately laborious words which I have to google to fathom.


      1. I seriously need google now, even nor than before.
        Ignore my stupid joke.
        I hope you got it tho.
        Aaaay, I been fine, and what you been?

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    Man, you British people start your summer REALLY late. When do you even go back to school? o_O
    And how’re your Big Things? *waggly eyebrows*


      1. Canadian schools generally get out at the end of June. Mine gets out at the beginning of June because it’s online.
        Oooooh, nice. You should stop by BRD sometime! It’d be great to have you back there again. ;D


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